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Repackaging FeeFree Not offered $8/Package Paid Members
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Shipping cost  1 LB to UAE$7.29$ 12$ 33$ 29
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Shop like a local by getting your free address in USA or China to ship home in UAE and GCC countries
Use those address to receive , store , combine and send your purchases home. Save big !

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It's an amazing service that mix the benefits of personal shopper and the package forwarding companies  .

        fahd ben khalifa | Ajman

I am so glad to know about Shipzella as a cheap and fst way to shop online . I like their free buy4me from China

        Ravi Kumar | Abu Dhabi , UAE

I think Shipzella is one of the smartest way to shop overseas , its hassle free , fast and affordable choice .

Julie Mark | Dubai , UAE

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