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Shipzella Competitor 1 Competitor 3 Competitor 3
3anaweny Service fees Free Dont offer Dont offer       $45
Asssited purcahse fee Free       14 % 9% +$ 1 Dont offer
$ rate used in buying Formal rate Formal + 65% Formal + 50 % Formal rate
Average Delivery Time 8 to 14 25 to 45 25 to 35 12 to 18
Cashback -gift -points You Take They Take They Take You Take
Real time tracking of AWB You have They have They have They have
Cost of a $500 USB Item $592 $663 $640      $621
Lost offers & purchase delay 0 missed offers Price Change Price Change 0 missed offers

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It's an amazing service that mix the benefits of personal shopper and the package forwarding companies  .

        fahd ben khalifa | Ajman

I am so glad to know about Shipzella as a cheap and fst way to shop online . I like their free buy4me from China

        Ravi Kumar | Abu Dhabi , UAE

I think Shipzella is one of the smartest way to shop overseas , its hassle free , fast and affordable choice .

Julie Mark | Dubai , UAE

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